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Sometimes you need that little bit more speed or power, but you don’t want to splash out on a new computer. Never fear! We can upgrade your existing machine for a fraction of the cost of buying a new one. Here are some of the upgrades that might be worth doing. We can advise on the “best bang for your buck” when we see what is already in your machine. Please note that some of these upgrades are not possible on laptops or notebooks.


Also referred to as the “processor”. This is the “brain” of your computer. Most domestic computers will have either an Intel or an AMD processor. Which one is fitted, and therefore the upgrade path, is dictated by your “motherboard”, which is the main circuit board in your PC.

Big performance increases can often be achieved by upgrading this component, but the cost of a real top-end CPU can be quite high, so it will depend on the age of your machine and the other components in it whether it will be worth the spend.

Note that  upgrading the CPU is usually not possible for laptops and notebooks.


Also called a “hard drive” or just “storage”. This is where all the programs and data are stored. Your computer constantly has to move things on and off this, so it’s often the biggest “bottleneck” slowing down your PC. In most cases, the better the drive, the faster and smoother your machine will run.

With the advent of “SSD”, or “Solid State Drives”, hard drive speeds have gone through the roof recently. Changing out your old mechanical drive for an SSD is usually the one thing which will give you the biggest speed increase of all the available upgrades. What is more, SSD’s are compatible with almost every PC and laptop built in the last 15 years, so it should definitely be the first thing on your list!


Often referred to as “RAM”, short for “Random Access Memory”. This is where your computer stores stuff temporarily, while it’s working on it. As such, it can become another bottleneck.

It’s not usually possible to upgrade to faster RAM, because your PC will already be fitted with the fastest which is compatible with your motherboard and CPU, but depending what software you use regularly, it may well be worth adding more of it. Some applications such as online gaming and photo editing benefit from as much RAM as you can give them.


Upgrading the “GPU” isn’t always possible. Many PC’s get their graphics processing from the integrated GPU inside the CPU, and don’t have the space in the case for a separate graphics card. Even for those that have the space and the necessary expansion slot, upgrading discrete graphics cards can get very expensive, with some top-end “gaming” cards approaching or even exceeding 1000€.

Whether you would want to spend the money necessary to get significant benefits from upgrading your GPU will depend firstly on whether the software you use can take advantage of the features, such as “DirectX 3D” or “OpenGL”. As a general rule of thumb, unless you’re an avid gamer, if you don’t know what those terms mean you probably won’t gain enough from a GPU upgrade to justify the expense. Secondly your existing PC needs to be “worthy” of a GPU upgrade. There’s no point putting an 800€ graphics card on a 30€ motherboard with a budget processor. Also, high-end graphics cards are notoriously power-hungry, so you’ll probably also need to upgrade your power supply.


Here are a few examples of our great deals. Call us for more.

Lenovo V110-15IAP

N3350, 4GB, 500GB,
15.6″  & Win 10


Out Of Stock

Enthusiast 206

I7-9700KF 16GB 1TB SSD240G RTX2080 8G


Out Of Stock

Medion Akoya E4251

N4000 ,4GB, 64GB SSD,
14″  & Win10


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Toshiba 2.5″ 4TB External

4TB, 2.5″ External Hard Drive. USB 3.0


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Enthusiast 6048

i7-10700 16GB SSD480GB+2TB RTX2080 8GB SUPER


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Keepout 27″ Curved Monitor

27″ Curved, 1080p, 165Hz


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The Museum (Dinosaurs for sale!)

From our years of experience with computers, we’ve amassed a whole load of interesting vintage items. Everything from 286 “DOS” units to Pentium IV servers, and obsolete or discontinued parts. If there’s a machine or a part that you’re struggling to find, no matter how old, ask us, because we may just have what you’re looking for in our “museum”! Here are a few examples that are currently ready to go.

Please note: Items in this section are sold as described with no further warranty

Pentium II Mini-Tower, loaded with Windows ME. 128MB PC133 RAM, 10GB IDE HDD, and a 64MB AGP Graphics card. 

Make us an offer!

Pentium II Server Tower. 64MB PC100 RAM, 10GB IDE HDD. Boots but nothing on display. Gives one long & three short beeps on startup, which is a display fail code. Probably needs a replacement graphics card (AGP).

PII 64MB 10GB Make us an offer!

Pentium IV Tower loaded with Windows XP. 512MB DDR400 RAM, 80GB IDE HDD, and on-board graphics.

P IV 512MB 80GB Make us an offer!

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